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Hi! I am Dustin McQuillan, a CPA and Entrepreneur from Pennsylvania.

For more than twelve years, I have lived in Tampa, Florida. My wife and I now have two young boys and understand the importance of family dynamics. Valuing time, money & energy, we organized plans to invest these precious resources wisely.

Now I am sharing organized plans with you.

Tax, Accounting, & Business Advisory

Since 2010, Dustin W. McQuillan, CPA has provided numerous clients with professional tax & accounting services. He follows recent tax reforms to help clients stay current with the most up to date information.


Featured Services

We work with you throughout the year to project taxable income and calculate quarterly tax estimates. We also provide monthly bookkeeping services using the #1 online accounting software, QuickBooks Online Plus, with a Full Service Payroll Solution. Our complete client service package includes preparation of tax returns and personal financial statements.


Income Tax Planning

Complete your annual income tax organizer and meet with a financial information professional today.  A CPA will prepare your individual tax return, Form 1040 including Schedules A & B. We...Read More


Reconcile bank and credit accounts with statements. Record depreciation and amortization. Review and reconcile your payroll records, payroll tax returns, and payroll taxes. Record all income and expenses, deposits, and...Read More

Full Service Payroll

Process payroll online with QuickBooks for up to 10 employees.  Employer quarterly and annual tax forms are prepared and filed for your.  Employer tax payments are submitted to federal and...Read More

QuickBooks Online

Gain access to the #1 online accounting software by Intuit with a monthly subscription to QuickBooks Online Plus....Read More

Our Organized Plans are designed to save time and money.

Planning is essential to achieving success. With over 12 years of experience providing professional services for numerous clients, Dustin W. McQuillan, CPA is now offering organized planning services for you. Organized Plans will help guide your effort to achieve your goals! Get started to create an organized plan today!

Current News

We are following the most recent tax reforms.

Start thinking of planning moves that lower your tax bill.

As the end of the year approaches, it is a good time to think of...
October 11, 2018

Learn how the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act affects your 2018 tax.

The recently enacted Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) is a sweeping tax package that...
June 2, 2018

What was your total income tax last year?

Take a look at page 2 of your tax return (IRS Form 1040) line 63. If you don't know the total amount of tax you were liable for last year, you probably don't know what your potential tax liability is this year. We can help you project taxable income to estimate your current year tax liability.

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Here are some of my latest key notes.


House approves third portion of Tax Reform 2.0

House lawmakers passed the Tax Reform 2.0 bill on Friday, September 28th.  The bill amends...Read More

The Oct. 15 filing deadline for extended returns is approaching

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Why live & work in Tampa, FL?

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