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Managing capital while measuring profitability to assess return potential since 2009.

With a focus on information management, McQuillan & Company values capital exchanged through private equity investments. We employ resources needed to produce valuable insight while performing professional services for numerous clients. Our standard rates are competitive with service fees guided primarily by the time and labor required to complete projects.
Dustin W. McQuillan, CPA

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Hi there! I am Dustin McQuillan, a CPA and Entrepreneur in Tampa, Florida. With an accounting and management information systems background, my firm offers affordable solutions that can enhance financial visibility of both personal and business activities.

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We offer accounting, tax and business advisory services.


Prepare financial statements

Compile financials

GAAP Compliance


Prepare federal tax returns

Project taxable income

Calculate quarterly estimates


Perform financial analysis

Outsource CFO duties

Treasury management


Reconcile accounts

Maintain fixed assets

Review payroll records


Perform income tax analysis

Prepare SALT returns

Prepare sales tax returns


Perform corporate analysis

Capital management

Mergers and acquisitions


Point-of-sale integration

Inventory management

Merchant solutions


Perform sales tax analysis

Taxpayer representation

Review compliance


Perform gift tax analysis


Provide fiduciary accounting


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Information management

Create a data security plan to protect your information.

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State & local tax

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Federal tax

Social Security wage base increases to $132,990 for 2019.

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Business consulting

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Hi, I am Dustin McQuillan, a CPA and entrepreneur in Tampa, Florida. For more than...Read More
Information management

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Federal tax

Estimated tax payments are due 04/15, 06/17, 09/16 and 01/15

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Engage a CPA to review your prior year tax return, project current taxable income and calculate estimated income taxes.
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